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Date: Thursday, 16/Mar/2017
3.1: Validation and Accuracy
Mtg. Room: Big Hall
Chair: Thomas R. Loveland, U.S.Geological Survey
Chair: Sophie Bontemps, Université catholique de Louvain

Validation of global annual land cover map series and land cover change: experience from the Land Cover component of the ESA Climate Change Initiative

Sophie Bontemps1, Frédéric Achard2, Céline Lamarche1, Philippe Mayaux3, Olivier Arino4, Pierre Defourny1

1: UCLouvain-Geomatics (Belgium), Belgium; 2: Joint Research Center, Italy; 3: European Commission, Belgium; 4: European Space Agency, Italy

Comparative validation of Copernicus Pan-European High Resolution Layer (HRL) on Tree Cover Density (TCD) and University of Maryland (UMd) Global Forest Change (GFC) over Europe

Christophe Sannier1, Heinz Gallaun2, Javier Gallego3, Ronald McRoberts4, Hans Dufourmont5, Alexandre Pennec1

1: Systèmes d'Information à Référence Spatiale (SIRS), France; 2: Joanneum Research, Austria; 3: Joint Research Centre, Italy; 4: US Forest Service, USA; 5: European Environment Agency, Denmark

Copernicus Global Land Hot Spot Monitoring Service – Accuracy Assessment and Area Estimation Approach

Heinz Gallaun1, Gabriel Jaffrain2, Zoltan Szantoi3, Andreas Brink3, Adrien Moiret2, Stefan Kleeschulte4, Mathias Schardt1, Conrad Bielski5, Cedric Lardeux6, Alex Petre7

1: JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Austria; 2: IGN FI, France; 3: Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission; 4: space4environment (s4e), Luxembourg; 5: EOXPLORE, Germany; 6: ONF International, France; 7: GISBOX, Romania

Forest degradation assessment: accuracy assessment of forest degradation products using HR data

Naila Yasmin, Remi D’annunzio, Inge Jonckheere

FAO Forestry Department, FAO of UN, Rome Italy

A New Open Reference Global Dataset for Land Cover Mapping at a 100m Resolution

Myroslava Lesiv1, Steffen Fritz1, Linda See1, Nandika Tsendbazar2, Martin Herold2, Martina Duerauer1, Ruben Van De Kerchove3, Marcel Buchhorn3, Inian Moorthy1, Bruno Smets3

1: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Austria; 2: Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands; 3: VITO, Belgium

Coffee Break
Mtg. Room: Big Hall
3.2: Methods and Algorithms
Mtg. Room: Big Hall
Chair: Carsten Brockmann, Brockmann Consult GmbH
Chair: Mattia Marconcini, German Aerospace Center - DLR

Sentinel-2 cloud free surface reflectance composites for Land Cover Climate Change Initiative’s long-term data record extension

Grit Kirches1, Jan Wevers1, Olivier Arino2, Martin Boettcher1, Sophie Bontemps3, Carsten Brockmann1, Pierre Defourny3, Olaf Danne1, Tonio Fincke1, Céline Lamarche3, Thomas de Maet3, Fabrizio Ramoino2

1: Brockmann Consult GmbH, Germany; 2: ESA ESRIN, Italy; 3: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium

Wide area multi-temporal radar backscatter composite products

David Small1, Christoph Rohner1, Adrian Schubert1, Nuno Miranda2, Michael Schaepman1

1: University of Zurich, Switzerland; 2: ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

Large area land cover mapping and monitoring using satellite image time series

Jan Verbesselt, Nandin-Erdene Tsendbazar, Johannes Eberenz, Martin Herold, Johannes Reiche, Dainius Masiliunas, Eline Van Elburg

Wageningen University, Netherlands, The

Towards a new baseline layer for global land-cover classification derived from multitemporal satellite optical imagery

Mattia Marconcini, Thomas Esch, Annekatrin Metz, Soner Üreyen, Julian Zeidler

German Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany

Advancing Global Land Cover Monitoring

Matthew Hansen

University of Maryland College Park, Department of Geographical Sciences

Mtg. Room: Canteen
3.3: Platforms
Mtg. Room: Big Hall
Chair: Chris Steenmans, European Environment Agency
Chair: Mark Doherty, ESA

Land monitoring integrated Data Access - status and outlook on platforms

Bianca Hoersch1, Susanne Mecklenburg1, Betlem Rosich1, Sveinung Loekken1, Philippe Mougnaud1, Erwin Goor2

1: European Space Agency, Italy; 2: VITO, Belgium

Sentinel-powered land cover monitoring done efficiently

Grega Milcinski

Sinergise, Slovenia

Bringing High Resolution to the Globe – A system for automatic Land Cover Mapping built on Sentinel data streams to fulfill multi-user application requirements

Michael Riffler, Andreas Walli, Jürgen Weichselbaum, Christian Hoffmann

GeoVille Information Systems, Austria

Land Cover data to support a Change Detection system for the Space and Security community

Sergio Albani, Michele Lazzarini, Paulo Nunes, Emanuele Angiuli

European Union Satellite Centre, Spain

Conclusions by Chairs
Mtg. Room: Big Hall

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