Conference Agenda

WorldCover 2017 Conference

Date: Wednesday, 15/Mar/2017
9:00am - 10:20am2.1: Global/Continental LC Products
Session Chair: Pierre Defourny, UCLouvain-Geomatics
Session Chair: Jun Chen, National Geomatics Center of China
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10:20am - 10:50amCoffee Break
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10:50am - 12:30pm2.2: Large-scale Mapping of Specific LC
Session Chair: Matthew C. Hansen, University of Maryland
Session Chair: Frédéric Achard, Joint Research Centre - European Commission
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12:30pm - 1:30pmLunch
1:30pm - 2:50pmLarge-scale Mapping of Specific LC (cont'd)
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2:50pm - 3:20pmCoffee Break
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3:20pm - 5:00pm2.3: Classification Systems
Session Chair: John Latham, UN/FAO
Session Chair: Curtis Woodcock, Boston University
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5:00pm - 6:00pmRound table discussion: Roadmap for High-resolution (10- to 30-meter) WorldCover2017
Chair: Stephen Briggs (ESA) Participants: John Latham (UN-FAO), Tobias Langanke (EU-EEA), Matthew Hansen (University of Maryland), Tom Loveland (USGS), Jun Chen (NGCC, China), Christian Hoffmann (EARSC)
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6:00pm - 7:30pm2.4: Poster Session - Drink
Please refer to 1.3 Poster Session for the full list of posters